Sometimes the truth is what you make it

In politics, ideology and partisanship are highly correlated and only becoming more so over time. This is coming to bear in the US election, where an incumbent that has overseen thousands of unnecessary deaths at the hands of a global pandemic, almost 100 times the amount that died as a…

Why are organisations, everywhere, political, commercial, and social, increasingly unable to manage their affairs?

Why are individuals, everywhere, increasingly in conflict with and alienated from the organization of which that are part?

Why are society and the biosphere increasingly in disarray?

Dee Hock, CEO BankAmericard Inc

In 1970 when the…

In the pre-dawn hours of 20 May 1927, a custom-built, single engine, fixed wing plane was being prepared at Roosevelt Airfield in New York state. Four experienced pilots had recently died, although two were assumed missing, attempting what Charles Lindbergh was about to attempt. A nonstop transatlantic flight from Garden…

Sam Gibb

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